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Take your online presence to the next level with our CU2 network platform. Start your online journey here.

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Create your profile and get connected or rated by others with reviews.
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Create a fully managed WordPress site, hosted on our network.


Online store

Start your business journey. Sell everywhere and market your business here.

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Shared Network

One account to connect with all our CU2 services. Easy as!

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Contact Details

Share contacts details publicly, or just with your network.

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Ratings and reviews

Get people within your network to rate you and leave a review.
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QR code

Your profile comes with a custom QR code.


Social Network

Build your social following by adding links to your profile.
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Leave a private message or have others contact you here.
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CU2 Connect

One account to connect with all our services on our network.
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Connect with people

Search and find profiles and connect with others that have similar interest. Or find a person you already know.

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Search for websites

Find the right business or service for all your needs. Browse through post and pages from our hosted websites.


Browse marketplace

See what you like and buy anything from people or businesses that host their online stores with us.

Take your online presence to the next level

Join your friends, family, and colleagues on CU2, the New Zealand network.

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