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Website Solutions

CU2 Network provides you all the tools to create a website for any type of business.

Website Design

Powered by WordPress and it’s Gutenberg builder, you’ll be able to design stunning websites with ease. Or go pro and activate Divi for free, and take it to the highest level.

Smart SEO

CU2 sites gives you everything you need for fast, powerful WordPress SEO. Start ranking higher with industry-leading features. Learn more.

Custom Forms

All of the forms, polls, quizzes, calculations, and payments you’ll ever need for your WordPress site on CU2 Network. Learn more.

Site Hosting

Next generation managed WP hosting. Fast, secure, and fully-dedicated web hosting, backed by the highest-rated support team in WordPress.


Get improved website performance, automated reporting, and fixing your Google PageSpeed with CU2’s full WordPress speed optimization suite


Hackers, brute forcers, and malicious bots are no match for CU2’s mighty WordPress security shields and cloaking technology.


Everything You Need to Start Selling Online. Activate the WooCommerce plugin in your CU2 site and set up a new store in minutes. Learn more.

DIY Support

Our help and support center provides you all the documentations and knowledge base to get your website the online presence it needs. Learn more.

Video Tutorials

WordPress onboarding & training made easy with Integrated Video Tutorials. Be in total control of your website, easy as.

Powered by WordPress

World Leading CMS

Taking over the world by storm

Used By Over 40% Of All Websites Online

WordPress is a way to create websites in an open-source, modular ecosystem. It’s known as a Content Management System (CMS), which means you get an intuitive way to create and manage your posts and pages of your website. WordPress currently poweres almost 50% of ALL the websites online! That is why CU2 Network is proudly powered by WordPress and tailored to New Zealand standards.

Create your WordPress website on CU2 Network and have all the themes and plugins you’ll ever need. We did the hard work (for the last 10 years) to select only the best tools, so you can focus on what you do best. And with integrated WordPress video tutorials, you’ll be able to master every aspect of what WordPress has to offer.

Social Network

CU2 network provides an alternative social network platform to Facebook. The one and only NZ social network that won’t sell your data and is loyal to Kiwis.

CU2 Account

Be able to log in or register to any of our hosted website with one account. Your CU2 account is free to register and will always be free.

Your Profile

Design your profile as you see fit. Fill in all the details to get a better online presence with a linktree to all your networks.


Allow people in your network to give you a review with ratings. Specially for professionals this will give you more credibilty.


Contact other members with CU2 messages and have a conversation that suits your envirement and profile.

QR Code

Your profile comes with a QR code that alows you to promote yourself even faster. Use your mobile to scan to get a direct link.


Connect with other members that have simular interest with you. and be able to utilise all our services on the network.

Your online presence

Network with other kiwis

Our Services, Your Network

One Account to Connect Them All

Take your online presence to a whole nother level with a CU2 account. Create an online profile as you see fit. Connect with other members and allow them to give you a rating to increase your credibilty. Become a local legend with CU2 Network.

CU2 network provides an alternative social network platform to Facebook. The one and only NZ social network that won’t sell your data and is loyal to Kiwis. Register your account for free.

Online Marketing

Discover how people work together with CU2 Network.
Get more done with a solid, connected experience.

Website Directory

People can browse and find websites that are hosted on CU2 Network. Create a site on CU2 network and get found.

News Feed

CU2 sites have blogging tools that allows your posts to be displayed in our network news feed. Get your latest posts the exposure it needs.

Marketing Campaigns

Grow your following and convert more visitors with UNLIMITED opt-ins, pop-ups, slide-ins, social shares, and embeds.


Find all products of locally owned online stores. Just like our news feed, but instead of post CU2 Network will show your products automaticly.

Buy and Sell

People can buy and sell directly from CU2 network with the power of WooCommerce, the ecommerce solution for WordPress.

Social Sharing

Take Social Sharing to the Next Level with Over 20 Social Networks to Choose From. Add Sharing Buttons in 5 Different Locations on your site.


Transform your WordPress website
into an online store. Learn more.

The ecommerce platform that grows with you

WooCommerce on CU2

No matter what success looks like for you, you can do it with the WooCommerce plugin. The open-source e-commerce platform helps merchants and developers build successful businesses for the long term. Available with CU2 Network sites.